We pioneered the translucent honeycomb panel in 1998 and continue to create products based on the significant benefits of composite technologies. Our focus is on providing materials that enrich architectural experience with their beauty and impress with their quality, while measurably conserving energy and resources.


We provide products suited to a broad range of applications including interior partitions, ceilings, furniture and exterior building envelope solutions such as clerestories, curtain walls, skylights and roof glazing.


Our Bonded Series Translucent Honeycomb Panels for interiors transmit up to 65% of the daylight entering through the facade, to lower energy requirements and improve user comfort. They are lightweight, using 70-80% less raw material than a solid resin sheet of comparable thickness, to reduce environmental impact and save materials and labor in installation.


Our ClearShade™ Insulating Glass Unit (IGU) achieves industry-leading Light to Solar Gain ratios to optimize energy savings, user comfort and productivity, goals that previously required multiple materials or technologies to achieve. ClearShade™ is the subject of a NYSERDA (NY State Energy Research and Development Authority) grant and an ongoing study by the DOE/Lawrence Berkeley National Labs to evaluate its energy-saving and daylighting properties for long-term environmental benefits.


Panelite holds exclusive partnerships with manufacturing leaders worldwide, notably in the US, Germany and Dubai, to ensure high quality, cost-effective supply to project sites globally.


We work closely with design leaders and facade/daylighting engineers to provide materials that meet their aesthetic, performance, and sustainability goals. Projects featuring Panelite have been widely published in the global design press and the company has been featured in the Cooper Hewitt National Design Triennial alongside Google, Apple and Boeing.