We recently installed ClearShade mock-ups in the windows of the Los Angeles office of CO Architects, who are considering our high-performance honeycomb glazing for a current project. The mock-ups of honeycomb type TTW10 , in TrueWhite, were enthusiastically received by the CO team as meeting their goals for the glazing:

– Solar heat control/ shading

– Diffuse daylighting with no glare

– Views out


“Not having prior experience with Panelite, we were excited to receive large scale mock-ups of 10mm TrueWhite ClearShade to replace the mini blinds in five of our large south-facing windows in our work area. We were impressed that no direct sunlight passed through the Panelite throughout the year, and the diffuse reflected light made our corner much brighter than the rest of the office. We found that it would get more luminous during the winter as the light penetrated the tubes at a lower angle and during the summer it would have a shaded appearance as the sun would only graze the tubes. Looking from across the space, we were impressed that high degree of transparency preserved our view outward over Los Angeles. We look forward to seeing ClearShade installed in our project and have no plans to take down the mock-up in our office.”

– Taylor Hsiao, AIA | Project Architect, CO ArchitectsCO architects Mock Up Installation CS-TTW10 1CO architects Mock Up Installation CS-TTW10 2CO architects Mock Up Installation CS-TTW10 view angle


The tubular nature of the honeycomb core allows for the largest viewing angle when viewed straight on. When the viewer stands at an angle, the view becomes partially obscured. This directional transparency is an inherent feature of honeycomb and can be manipulated by changing the honeycomb cell size, honeycomb thickness, and orientation of the units.


CO architects Mock Up Installation CS-TTW10 transparency

ClearShade honeycomb technology diffuses daylight, reducing solar heat gain while providing views to the city.


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