• Panelite - Lightweight Translucent Honeycomb Panels Transparency and Views Interior Partitions - 2 Studio MCArchitects, Bologna, Italy | Photo: Antonio Lombardini
  • Panelite - Lightweight Translucent Honeycomb Panels Transparency and Views Interior Partitions - 2 Westfield HQ, Los Angeles CA | Woods Bagot Architects | Photo: Art Gray


Panelite Bonded Series panels are light-transmitting, light-weight and easy to install. Our honeycomb technology offers many advantages over architectural panel alternates such as cast resin sheets, twin-wall panels and glass:

Light Transmission and Light Diffusion:  Bonded Series™ panels with transparent facings, when used as interior partitions reduce glare and transmit up to 65% of the daylight entering through the building envelope, to lower energy requirements and improve user comfort. Bonded Series™ panels with satin facings diffuse back-lighting for even illumination and visual effect.

Transparency and Views: Our unique bonding technology applies adhesive only at the honeycomb cell wall, leaving the cell openings completely transparent. This high degree of transparency provides views to improve user comfort and productivity. Where privacy is preferred or to achieve light diffusion, satin finishes also available.

Low Weight, High Strength: Honeycomb technology provides an outstanding strength-to-weight ratio. Unlike cast resin sheets or glass, which weigh two to five times more, our Bonded Series panels are self-structural, requiring little or no additional support structure. Their light weight and outstanding stiffness makes them very easy to handle and very quick to install.

Easy to Install: Bonded Series panels are easy to handle and can be fabricated on site using standard woodworking tools. The highly efficient ClearConnect series of installation details further enhances ease of installation with options including tongue and groove joints, integral sealed edges and pre-fabricated mitered corners.

Sustainability and LEED points: Bonded Series™ panels apply honeycomb technology to produce lightweight, self-structural composite panels using 70-80% less raw material than a solid resin sheet of comparable thickness, greatly reducing environmental impact. Bonded Series panels also contribute to LEED points.

Product Options: A broad range of product options to meet aesthetic and performance goals.