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Sustainability / Energy

What is Embodied Energy?

Daylighting – The Whole Building Design Guide / National Institute of Building Sciences

Optimize Energy Use – Minimize Consumption – The Whole Building Design Guide / National Institute of Building Sciences

US Green Building Council

Green Globes- Building Rating System / Environmental Design and Management Tool


Grist Environmental News

Science Daily

New York Times Environment



Guides for Energy-Efficient/ Sustainable Design

Energy Design Resources: integrated building design

Energy Design Resources: Glazing

Energy Design Resources: Advanced Simulation

Building Life-Cycle Cost (BLCC) Program : Economic analysis tool developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology for the U.S. Department of Energy Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP).

Whole Building Design Guide (A program of the National Institute of Building Sciences):

WBDG: Minimize Consumption

WBDG: Building Envelope Design

WBDG: Building Envelope Glazing

WBDG: Building Envelope Design – Daylighting

WBDG: Building Envelope Design – Productivity

WBDG: Building Envelope Design – Life Cycle Cost Tool


Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (LBNL, a division of the Department of Energy) Tools for Building Envelope Analysis

OpenStudio by LBNL and NREL – Early Stage Energy Modeling with Sketch Up PLug In

ComFen – For Calculating the Energy and Comfort Impact of Windows in Commercial Bldgs

ComFen 4.1 User Manual (Version 5 coming soon)

Radiance Daylighting Software – Desktop Version – Synthetic Imaging System

Radsite – Radiance Online – A validated lighting simulation tool

Radiance Reference Tutorial

Simergy – NEW User-Friendly Interface for Energy Plus

Simergy Download Link

Energy Plus – with links to Simergy, Space Boundary, energy PLus, Modelica, Bldg Controls, GenOP

EnergyPlus Add Ons

LBNL Life Cycle Cost Analysis Program

LBNL_ Sustainable Benefits

LBNL Business Case Study for Sustainable Design

LBNL – EPA Case Study

Commercial Windows Comparison Tool


Architecture / Design

Architectural Record

Architect’s Newspaper



Arch Daily










Panelite at Cooper Hewitt National Design Triennial

New York Times Review of Cooper Hewitt National Design Triennial “…one of the show’s most brilliant and promising moments is provided by Panelite, whose orange plastic honeycomb panels, made mostly of recycled material, line the Cooper-Hewitt’s conservatory and have already been used in an OMA building.”

dsgnWrld on Panelite ClearShade and Bonded Series



Our favorite TED Talks on Design, Architecture, Urbanism and Sustainability

William McDonough on Cradle to Cradle Design

Majora Carter on Urban Renewal and Environmental Justice

Ron Finley on Guerrilla Gardening