Panelite is closed – Thank you to all who worked with us

Following the turbulence of the pandemic, Panelite has wound down operations, after 25 years of innovation, four product lines, six U.S. patents, and thousands of built projects. Our most recent line of interior translucent honeycomb panels, Bonded Series, have been manufactured for the past 15 years by Bencore, who will continue to serve the U.S. market with their outstanding quality of products and service. For any interior project inquiries please contact their excellent team.


Our warmest thanks to all who have worked with us over the years: our brilliant clients, our wonderful employees, our trusted vendors and consultants. We are grateful for all the projects we had the opportunity to work on and the relationships we have built with so many of you.


With our very best wishes for your future success,


Emmanuelle Bourlier

Partner, co-founder, Panelite


Ruben Suare

Partner, Panelite