Panelite’s QuickScreen honeycomb series offers efficient options to provide physical barriers in communal spaces while maintaining ample daylight and privacy or transparency as desired.


Our proprietary facing-to-core bonding method allows for clear visibility face-on through the panel, while mitigating views from side angles. There is a sense of visual connection to the immediate environment while maintaining a degree of privacy.


All QuickScreen types are delivered as a kit-of-parts with minimal or no hardware, tools, or skilled labor required for installation. Options include suspended or free-standing honeycomb partitions as well as desk screens, with installation times ranging from a few minutes to under an hour. Though highly efficient to install, QuickScreen panels and hardware are elegant and highly durable; a valuable, timeless addition to any space.

Panelite QuickScreen - STAND

FREESTAND – Installs in minutes without affecting existing furniture

Panelite QuickScreen - CABLE

CABLE – Installs in under an hour with minimal fixture to floor and ceiling

Panelite QuickScreen - DESK

DESK – Installs in minutes without affecting existing furniture