PIXEL (B-AH-GCL-FR-17) is an ultra lightweight, light-transmitting honeycomb panel composed of a hexagonal aluminum core and glass cloth facings. The facings gain their exceptional strength, pale green color, and Class B fire-rating from a unique combination of directionally woven glass fibers in an epoxy resin binder.



PIXEL panels weigh only 30 lbs. and are exceptionally stiff, making them extraordinarily easy to handle and install, saving time, materials and labor onsite. They can be cut with standard woodworking tools and finished with standard profiles and hardware such as frames, handles and hinges. It is ideally suited for partition panels, sliding doors, and backlit walls.

PIXEL’s visual effect is its most distinguishing feature. The cellular material pixelates light and movement in a dynamic and engaging way best understood by holding a sample or viewing the video above.


Download B-AH-GCL-FR-17 Product Page (PDF)



Aluminum hexagonal honeycomb core, 3/8” cell diameter



Glass Cloth Laminate (Directionally woven glass cloth with epoxy binder)

DIMENSIONS: 47 1/4 x 94 1/2




INSTALLATION Framed by installer using standard profiles. Can be mounted with hinges and handles.
SUSTAINABILITY VOC- and HFC-FREE: No Volatile Organic Compounds, no Hydrofluorocarbon content

MORE STRENGTH: Honeycomb offers exceptional durability and deflection-resistance, increasing overall life cycle, reducing the material needed for structural support and the time and labor needed for installation.

LESS WEIGHT: 0.95 lbs/sf, or 30.4 lbs/panel

LESS LABOR: Lightweight, deflection-resistant panels with installation-friendly details save significant labor onsite

Class B per ASTM-E84