Hollenbeck Police Station


AC Martin Partners

Facade/Daylighting Engineers

Delta Structures


Tim Hursley


Los Angeles, CA


ClearShade IGU CS-U-TO4

Challenge / Intent

  • To create a luminous, elevated feature wall within the fully glazed atrium
  • To provide a visually open space for upper level occupants while blocking views from the lobby below for privacy and security
  • To meet stringent building code requirements for fire, maintenance, sound and long term performance.


AC Martin chose Panelite’s ClearShade IGU in a warm orange color to act as a focal point within the lobby. The tubular honeycomb core creates directional transparency to ensure privacy and security for occupants on the mezzanine, and the project’s code requirements are met or exceeded and certified with a ten year warranty.
Panelite ClearShade IGU Specifications

  • Unit thickness: 1″
  • Outboard lite: ¼” clear tempered glass
  • ClearShade IGU core: ¼” diameter orange
  • Inboard lite: ¼” clear tempered glass
  • Silicone sealant: Black
  • Installation System: Aluminum storefront by others

Environmental Facts

  • Directional transparency and increased privacy.
  • Available in a range of honeycomb colors, cell sizes and glass lite options.
  • Manufactured with tempered or laminated glass lites to meet fire, sound, wind load, maintenance, UV and other high-performance requirements.
  • In exterior applications, provides maximum solar heat gain control with a SHGC as low as .14 at mid-day.
  • Offers up to 48% Visible Light Transmission to maximize daylighting.
  • ClearShade IGU core is a manufactured under a patented process using UV stabilized GE Lexan polycarbonate to ensure long term shading, color and UV performance.
  • Standard 10 year limited warranty.

ClearShade IGU qualifies for these LEED credits:

  • EQ 8.1+8.23: Daylight and Views
  • ID 1.1 + 1.4 Innovation in Design
  • MR 5.1 Regional Materials