Kansas Children’s Discovery Center


Gould Evans Architects

Facade/Daylighting Engineers

Sowards Glass


Aaron Dougherty Photography


Topeka, KS


ClearShade IGU CS-U-TO4

The vestibule is clad in Panelite ClearShade glazing, creating a bold color at the entry as well as visual interactivity and playful optical illusions for guests as they enter. The unique honeycomb pattern and light effects supported the design intention of creating a vibrant and colorful atmosphere.

Carrie Mabee, Gould Evans


Panelite ClearShade combines solar heat control, optimized day-lighting, directional transparency, and design options in a single product. At the Kansas Children’s Discovery Center, ClearShade glazing provides ample diffuse daylight without solar heat gain. The building’s program of discovery and play is emphasized by the bold orange and the dynamic visual “peek-a-boo” nature of the directionally transparent honeycomb.

From the inside, the directional transparency of the ClearShade is apparent. The vertical units, viewed on a steep angle, appear nearly opaque while the blue sky above becomes visible through the lowest part of the skylight.

From the outside, the ClearShade inserts amplify light.