• Panelite Lifetime TV Networks Headquarters | Product: Bonded Series Panelite Lifetime TV Networks Headquarters | Product: Bonded Series

Lifetime TV Networks NY



Facade/Daylighting Engineers

Lehr Construction


Eric Laignel


New York, NY


Bonded Series B-RCCS-T

Challenge / Intent

  • To enliven Lifetime’s administrative offices with a luminous interior meeting space and backlit feature walls
  • To achieve a minimal aesthetic while reducing installation materials and costs with a flush detailed system.


Backlit feature wall: Panelite’s Bonded Series was specified with finished edges and a satin back facing to allow for silicone glazed vertical joints creating a seamless lit surface to activate the central spine of the office.

Environmental Facts

  • Panelite Bonded Series honeycomb panels are highly resource-efficient, consisting of approximately 70-85% air by volume. The panels weigh only 1.25 lbs per square foot and can achieve greater spans than other sheet or panel materials due their structural honeycomb cores.
  • Panelite materials contribute to LEED credits, including Daylighting and Views, and Innovation and Design