• Panelite ClearShade | Exterior Glazing | Project: Burnsville Performing Arts Panelite ClearShade | Exterior Glazing | Project: Burnsville Performing Arts

Burnsville Performing Arts


Ankeny Kell Architects


Toplite Contracting


Jim Gallop


Burnsville, MN


Panelite ClearShade CS-TC7 with stepped glazing, backlit with LED Toplite Contracting

Challenge / Intent

To enliven the exterior and clearly define the entrance of the Burnsville Performing Arts Center, using a series of luminous, directionally transparent glass columns that can vary in color depending on time of day, type of performance, or aesthetic intent.


Akeny Kell Architects chose Panelite’s exterior-grade ClearShade IGU because its proprietary tubular honeycomb core allows not only visual transparency but also the subtle and complex visual effects they sought to create with color. The transparent glass lites of the ClearShade units create directional views for patrons entering the building, and the color-changing LED fixtures located inside the columns at the base of the units wash the honeycomb core to create varying visual effects.
To give the columns a more minimal aesthetic and further
emphasize their visual “lightness”, Panelite produced the units with a stepped glazing detail at the corners.

The ClearShade units carry a 10-year warranty and provide a low maintenance surface for long-term durability even in the hard Minnesota winters. Framing System and Installation supplied by Top Lite Glazing Contractors.

Environmental Facts

Panelite ClearShade IGUs, when used for vertical or skylight glazing, can reduce Solar Heat Gain by 75% while maintaining 48% Visible Light Transmission, reducing energy consumption and costs, and improving user comfort. (SHGC = 0.18 at mid-day.)

ClearShade units are produced in New Jersey, Indiana, Florida and California, often falling within the 500-mile radius required by LEED to qualify for “Regional Materials” credit.

Panelite materials also contribute to LEED credits for Daylighting and Views, and Innovation and Design.