• Lakeview Public School, MN | Architect: Wendel Architects | Installer: Heartland Glass | Exterior Facade, Curtain Wall Glazing Lakeview Public School, MN | Architect: Wendel Architects | Installer: Heartland Glass

Lakeview Public School

ARCHITECT Wendel Architects
INSTALLER Heartland Glass Co.
PHOTOGRAPHY Heartland Glass Co.
LOCATION Cottonwood, MN
PANELITE PRODUCT ClearShade IGU CS-U-TTWR3-1020-1000OB lite: 1/4″ Clear Tempered + low-eClearShade Insert: TrueWhite (TM) Random Mix of cell diametersIB lite: 1/4″ Clear Tempered

These  construction images provided by Heartland Glass illustrate the directional transparency of ClearShade high-performance honeycomb glazing units. In addition to optimizing daylighting and to providing outstanding solar heat control, ClearShade IG units provide directional views.




Lines of sight are physically directed through the tubular, cellular structure of ClearShade honeycomb, and a variety of factors can be manipulated to achieve design goals of visibility and privacy, transparency, color and texture.

Directional transparency means that the degree of transparency of the ClearShade unit varies dynamically, through movement, as the angle of the viewer’s line of sight changes and as the viewer’s distance to the unit changes. Directional transparency and related factors such as privacy, views, and the prominence – or not – of texture and color are further determined by non-dynamic, static factors such as the cell diameter, opacity or transparency, and thickness of the ClearShade insert. Learn more about directional transparency.

Views through a translucent honeycomb panel