Acibadem Hospital

Facade/Daylighting Engineers
LOCATION Istanbul, Turkey

The main distinction of Acıbadem Maslak Hospital is its versatile association with the area of future’s trade center on the direction of city expansion where several cultural and social facilities are located. Besides its proximity to the city center and easy transportation facilities including the subway directly connecting to the hospital, another major charateristic is its unique position almost inside the city forests. The microscopic view of epithelium tissue, which is a crystallized net, is used as the base for the conceptual interior design in patient floors and taken as the distinctive mark of the design. The shape of the epithelium tissue is stylized by merging the form into one plane and applied to ceilings as concealed lighting. The patients are taken to their rooms through this specifically illuminated environment. In the patient rooms, a continious arc shaped unit has been designed which covers all technical equipments and special lighting components. The form of the unit is designed for giving the feeling to patient that he/she is at the focal point of all attention and services. The comfort of the patients are increased with various acoustic solutions such as carpet floorings, acoustic ceilings and second glass shell on the façade to prevent the traffic noise while silent common areas are designed for visitors.

Courtesy of ZOOM-TPU