Georgia Aquarium


TVS Design

Facade/Daylighting Engineers


Brasfield + Gorie


TVS Design


Atlanta, Georgia

Panelite Product

Cast Polymer Series AORO, constructed in pre-fabricated interlocking components. Bonded Series equivalent B-AHOT.


“The design of the Georgia Aquarium purposely breaks away from Atlanta’s street grid and its indigenous architectural aesthetic. A vessel of conservation, preservation and education, represented by the large blue metal body, slices into this world “without walls” to shed light into the deepest seas. Conceived as an urban composition of expressive architectonic forms the aquarium represents a large body of water, undulating against the Baker Street “shoreline” opposite Centennial Park.

Given Atlanta’s land locked address, the design team focused on the importance of “immersion”, wrapping the guest into the underwater world from start to finish, coming face to face with some of the most incredible ocean creatures. The design of the Georgia Aquarium shifts the paradigm of what is an “aquarium” and how its visitors will interact with its inhabitants.”

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