• Photo: Jennifer Taylor
  • Photo: ThinkMotion

Kaneko Omaha – Offices

Custom-made furniture in the administrative offices of the new Kaneko addition features partitions of Panelite Recycled Series B-R100-CT, which use a 100% recycled paper honeycomb panel and provide the ideal balance of privacy and views for a creative workspace.


Kaneko is an institution celebrating creativity through four major programming themes: Design, Ideas, Performance, and Innovation. Established in 1998 by international artist Jun Kaneko and his wife Ree, it is headquartered in three turn-of- the-century warehouses in the Old Market District of Omaha, Nebraska.


A new atrium, designed in collaboration between Mark Mack Architects, HDR and Jun Kaneko, connects all three warehouse buildings and gives the Kaneko a visually memorable facade, a landmark that respects both the industrial history of the neighborhood and the creative energy of the Kaneko.


Panelite ClearShade is the defining material of the facade, installed in wide horizontal bands of black and white honeycomb, paying tribute to the stripes often explored by Jun Kaneko in his work. ClearShade’s tubular honeycomb cells provide directional views, such that the facade appears opaque or translucent depending on the angle of view or the lighting conditions. The result is a highly dynamic, engaging facade in bold black and white stripes that allows for intermittent views: from outside, of the activity within; from inside, of the historic neighborhood.

The atrium adds 5000 sf of space and acts as a corridor, guiding visitors between the galleries and housing new administrative offices.


Architects: Mark Mack Architects and HDR Architects in collaboration with Jun Kaneko

Photos: Exterior view ( Jennifer Taylor, Kaneko ); Atrium during Ribbon Cutting event (ThinkMotion); Interior offices  (Panelite)

Product: Bonded Series B-R100-CT