DAYLIGHTING: TrueWhite maximizes interior light quality by redirecting and diffusing daylight. A range of cell and glass configurations provides options to optimize facade design for energy efficiency, views, aesthetics and other project requirements
STATIC-DYNAMIC PERFORMANCE: Dyamic solar performance is based on proprietary cellular composition that saves energy and improves interior daylight quality all day/ all year without moving parts, electricity, or change in tint

STREAMLINES PROJECT: ClearShade eliminates the need for add-on shading devices, simplifying all project phases: facade design, specifications, procurement, installation , use and maintenance

LOW MAINTENANCE: Integrated shade never needs to be fixed or replaced and is covered under the glazing warranty

COST-EFFECTIVE: ClearShade eliminates the need for add-on shading devices and is a cost-effective alternate to electro- or thermo- chromic glass, providing dynamic energy-saving performance without changing color