Deutsche Bank

ARCHITECT Mario Bellini
Facade/Daylighting Engineers
INSTALLER Lehr Construction
LOCATION Frankfurt, Germany

Corporate Headquarters becomes a “Green Building”: through innovative and pioneering measures, the implementation of ecological sustainability criteria will be combined with the creation of a state-of-the-art working environment.
Deutsche Bank is in the process of modernizing and renovating its company headquarters, the two towers in Frankfurt am Main. The goal is to create an ecologically sustainable office building – with a remedial design setting world-wide standards. With the remediation of our headquarters we want to make an active contribution to climate protection.
The greatest refurbishment of a building undertaken in Europe will create one of the most eco-friendly high-rise buildings in the world – the headquarters of Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt.

Here some data that demomstrate “Greentowers” – innovative sustainability:

  • 98% of the materials recycled
  • 55% savings in electricity
  • 74% savings in water
  • “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design”, LEED certification
  • 67% savings in heating and cooling energy
  • 89%* reduction in CO2 emissions
  • 20% greater space efficiency

Reliable and efficient technologies are used and optimally integrated for the renovation of the Taunusanlage property. Several technical systems have been optimized, redeveloped or newly developed for the Greentowers project. In our use of water, we are installing the world’s most advanced flushing technology.

The optimized heating and cooling ceiling system is equipped with newly developed radiant elements for the thermal activation of the building’s mass – resulting in a 20% higher thermal output than conventional systems. The windows opening parallel to the façade are equipped with motorized scissor hinges – making it possible to have natural ventilation even at wind speeds of up to 180 km/h. The tubular lights especially designed for the office floors are equipped with high-tech prism technology – achieving a light output of 86%. The use of a newly developed, intelligent room booking tool will improve user convenience for the selection and booking of conference rooms – to nearly double room occupancy rates.

Courtesy of Mario Bellini