Audi Central - Houston, TX


“Panelite’s translucent honeycomb wall and ceiling Snap™ system saved us time and labor on site, thanks to the light weight and ease of handling of the panels, and the sturdy, modular fabrication of the installation system. ”

– Zach Jones, Design Team Sign Company, Installer at Audi Nashville, TN

CDR Studios designed the vehicle handover area at Audi USA dealerships to be both dramatic and elegant, to give the new Audi owner a sense of the elite club they have just joined and to heighten the excitement of the moment they drive away in their new vehicle. The PANELITE Snap™  backlit wall and ceiling system with Bonded Series translucent honeycomb panels met the designers’ goals:


  • MORE LIGHT: 65% diffuse light transmission provides an evenly distributed glow.
  • MORE STRENGTH: Honeycomb panels offer higher durability and deflection-resistance than fabric or cast sheets. Fully welded, high quality powder-coated steel provides an elegant and highly durable frame.
  • LESS WEIGHT: Bonded Series panels average 40 lbs/panel
  • LESS TIME: Installation and maintenance are…a snap. PANELITE Snap™ wall and ceiling system is pre-fabricated for ease of on-site installation, saving time and labor. Panels are easily removed, easily cleaned and scratch-resistant.


More information, images, and system details. 


Pictured above: Audi Central Houston. Design Architects: CDR Studios | Local Architects: GOREE Architects | Photo: G. Lyon Photography.

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