Panelite SNAP System for backlit walls and ceilings - quick + easy to install

“Everything was in the exact order we needed it. All the supports were pre-cut and the panels were nicely framed out. Once you start snapping in the panels the system squares up by itself.  Installing the SNAP ceiling was easy. It looks good, and it makes us look good.””

– James Tate, Commercial Interiors Acoustics, Installer at Audi Valencia, CA

Panelite ‘s SNAP system for backlit walls and ceilings is designed for ease of installation and maintenance.

  • Panels are delivered pre-framed, numbered and indexed to the system drawing
  • Torsion springs allow panels to snap in place easily with a high degree of tolerance.
  • Panels will self-square during installation process
  • Panels weigh only 1.25 lbs per square foot, and can be lifted by a single installer
  • Panelite SNAP system’s torsion springs allow easy removal of panels to replace lighting fixtures as needed.
  • Self-structural honeycomb panels are extremely rigid and will never sag over time.
  • Panels and framing have durable, semi-glossy finishes that are scratch-resistant, very easy to clean, and elegant in appearance.


View the easy step-by-step installation process, and see more images.

 View more images of a completed installation, at Audi Central Houston.

Visit our Downloads page for PDF and ACAD files of typical SNAP system details (under “Installation Systems”)


Pictured above: Audi Valencia, CA.  Installation by Commercial Interiors Acoustics | Design Architects: CDR Studios

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